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When you are faced with a long winter night, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm, delicious bowl of soup. Back when you were sick as a child, nothing could brighten your day like soup prepared just for you.
Here at T & D Sandwich, we want to bring you back to that feeling of a yummy bowl of soup just for you with our amazing home style soups in Fremont, CA, that are sure to remind you of home. Not only do we use the best ingredients and our own special recipes, but we have so many varieties, you’re bound to want to try every single one.
There’s nothing like a bowl of chicken soup to make you feel clear and ready for the day. With all-natural, farm-raised chicken and homemade broth, our soup will make you feel like a kid who got to stay home from school. Our yummy noodle soup tastes just like childhood. The only difference is that ours is homemade and never condensed.
If you need something to fill you up fast, try our hearty beef bowl for a protein kick that will get you through the rest of your day. With a side of oyster crackers, our soups will feel like a full meal to warm you up and keep you satisfied.
Every single one of our homemade soup recipes is sure to please. We have taken extra care to make sure that our soup selection has something for every taste. Whether you like your soup hearty, packed with veggies, creamy, or with chicken broth, we have something you’re going to love. For a fast and easy lunch, pick something right off of our express menu and get back to work faster!
Let a delicious soup warm you up and keep you full for the rest of the day. Come on down to T & D Sandwich today for tasty, delectable soups.

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